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Make POST - Web Request on dropdown change event in Nintex Forms

Question asked by nchamid on Feb 23, 2017
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Is there a way to call Web Request - Post method on drop down change event in Nintex Forms ?


This is my scenario, 


I have two drop downs on my form,

  Drop-down A : User makes a selection

  Drop-down B : need to be populated based of selection in Drop-down A

  Note : Drop-down B is in repeating section 


In the back-end once user makes a selection, I need to query a tool to retrieve data, below is my POST configuration :


Web Service URL


SoapEnv:Request :




SoapEnv:Response :




   I have configured the same in 'Web Request Control - POST method', and it's working fine. My issue is,

               1) How to extract the single record / multiple records from the response shown above ?

               2) How to populate Drop-down B,  with all the values under //DATA/Row id="1"/<D n="7797">, on drop-down A change event. 


   Can someone please assist ?


  Caroline Jung, I have gone through few of your threads, is this something you can help me with ? Appreciate your help.