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State Machine stuck when I make loop more than once

Question asked by zaert on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by mmatsako



I have an issue with my state machine

I just have a problem with my second branch (7 branchs in all)


Indeed, my state machine was stuck when it try to "change state".

In that second branch, I have a loop that passed through a collection of manager.

I send an email everytime. When the loop has been finished, I log into history a comment "End foreach".

Just after the log, I "change state" to my third branch.


The problem is :

When I have only one loop (so one email sent), it work well and the workflow passed to the third branch.

When I have more than one loop, the workflow was stuck in "In progress" status, no error in the workflow history and the last action is "Change state to third branch".


Further informations :

The workflow work when it passed between the first and the second branch.

I have already remove & re-create the branch.

The loop is work well in the branch and in another place in the workflow


Do you have an idea ? Because I don't where the problem is. Hope, you can solve it.