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Sharepoint External data column as dropdown list in Nintex forms?

Question asked by nidhincee on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by jackgelo

Hi All,

 I am new to Nintex . I have 3 sharepoint external data columns which i am connecting to a external database.

My requirement is to show the external data columns in my Nintex form as dropdown list. Also I want to filter the dropdown lists according to parent selection.

eg: I have 3 external data columns Department, Section, Services.

When i select the department only sections under that department should be loaded in section dropdown.

same in the case of services. when i select a section only those services which is under that section should be loaded.

I tried to load the department external data column in nintex form but when i change the type of control from default to dropdown the data is not getting loaded.


If its difficult to explain please give me some links from which i can understand the solution for this requirements.