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Pending / Submit & a reminder

Question asked by pete on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by pete

I am attempting to improve an existing workflow that isn't working as i want it to. This is the top of the existing form:



So as you can see it has three states. First state is "Other" which is basically a pending state. The other two are either "Scrap" or "Heel"

What i would ideally like to do is put both a "SUBMIT" & a "PENDING" button into the form. The PENDING button is so that any extra details in any of the other boxes can be uploaded & saved at any point. Some of this extra data will be important information when it comes to making a final decision as to scrap or heel.

What i would then like to do is to use the SUBMIT button that then uploads any extra data & then triggers the next part of the workflow. I would also like to send weekly reminders to the initiator (which I intend to add as a box to the form) asking them to chase up the job & get it updated to either scrap or heel.


Ideally the pending button should only be usable if the "Other" box is selected. Should the "Scrap" or "Heel" box be selected then the "Pending" button greys out & the "submit" button becomes active. Dunno if this is even possible?


The next part of the workflow would be when the SUBMIT button is clicked. So if it a decision to "Scrap" a workflow starts with a set of criteria. If "Heel" is selected then another workflow starts.


What i cant get my head around is how to construct the top part of the workflow. I have got as far as a notification email that i want to trigger when either Submit or pending is clicked informing a team that the form has been generated.


But after that i am at a loss!


Should i run parallel actions & try to run a condition with a flexitask under it? Where will the weekly notifications be best placed?


Or is there a better way to do this?


Any points gratefully welcome!