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Starting a Workflow on a Document Conditionally

Question asked by kelliganp on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by kelliganp

Hi Folks,

Up to now, I have not needed to start a workflow conditionally. I have a reference library and each document in the library has a process owner. When a reference document is updated we have the workflow send a notice to everyone on the program so they are alerted, for example to an update in a policy letter. The issue we are having is that when a change is made to the process owner (just a field in the library) we do not want to trigger the workflow. This sounds like it should be simple but I am struggling to come up with an idea/strategy to do this.


I see where the option to compare "Process Owner (previous value)" to the "Process Owner" exists and a "Equals" comparison would do the trick in most circumstances...

...but what if the document is updated and the Process Owner is updated. IN that case we would want the alert to go out, even thought there was a Process Owner change.


Any thoughts?