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Workflow to archive list items to another list on the same site

Question asked by paavoheikkinen on Feb 21, 2017
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Dear community,


I found various threads discussing this issues, but unfortunately I am still struggling to get this to work.

I have list tracking status of different items with multiple collumns and items. The list ist continuously growing and I am looking for a way to archive items that are no longer active.

I have created an empty copy of the Main list, and named it Archive.

One of the columns is called Enddate, and I would like to move weekly all items where "Enddatum = Today()-30" (i.e. days) to Archive; and then delete the items from the mainlist.

I tried creating a schedulded site workflow with "Copy Item" where Enddatum equals Today()-30 to Arhive, followed by "delete item". This would not work for me.


I am rather new at Nintex, and would appreciate the support!