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Once a site is automatically created, update a list on the new site using workflow data

Question asked by neil.potter on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by sojanm

In my environment, all new project sites are created using a template which includes a list called "Project Details".  Once a project site is created, the "Project Details" list is populated with project-specific content.  This content (content type) is used throughout my environment by the Content Search Web Part.  It surfaces projects dynamically throughout the site based on what users choose to type in the various "Project Details" list. For example, if Human Resources is chosen as the Department on a specific project, then the Content Search Web Part on the Human Resources site will surface this project.  

I am trying to automate the site building process.  I built a Nintex workflow titled "New Project Site Request" that automatically creates the new site and collects all the data needed for the "Project Details" list that will be on the new workflow-created site.  I cannot figure out how to write the workflow so that after it creates the site, it populates the "Project Details" list using the information collected in the workflow.  The Project Details list will always be called "Project Details" and I know I will always be updating list item ID 1 on the list.  Is that possible?