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Validation rules not firing Javascript error

Question asked by on Feb 21, 2017
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I can't get a validation rule to run on a form I am working on. There is a javascript error being shown in the Javascript console, but I am not running any javascript on the form. I do have about 40 formatting rules and they seem to work, but when I add a validation rule and it is supposed to be evaluated I get


The validation rule is simple. All I am donig for this one is isNullorEmpty({Self}) on a text box. but because of the javascript error it is not fireing.

I read about the latest issue with list item forms not firing validation because the validation needs to be on the content type form, but I am not sure that applies here. I am running version 9.2.20 and the list doesn't allow management of content types.

Any help on this would be much appreciated. Also please let me know if you think I should try opening a support case.

Thanks, Berney