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Save a form as PDF within Workflow

Question asked by on Feb 20, 2017
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I have a List with the following business requirement. I am having a difficulty with #2 of the requirements.


1. User can save as many drafts as he wants. When rejected by Manager, User regains Edit Permission and can re-submit a new version of the form.

2. We don't need to keep any draft versions, but would like to keep the submitted versions of the form, so 1) the original version, and 2) the re-submitted version.


Form has "Save as PDF" option, and I was looking for a solution to automate it within workflow.

First, I thought of using versioning setting of SharePoint List, but found this rather saves every version per action (1 version when List columns are updated, 1 version when WF is logged. etc.)

Then I thought I could use "Office 365 delete previous version" somehow, but this action only applied to Document Type, and I could not use for my List.


Any suggestions are appreciated.


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