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Use a workflow to copy (and rename) a file to another library?  Nintex 2013

Question asked by calmaguer on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by murphybp2

I have a template file (Excel) saved in a library and I have an unrelated list containing columns for Request number and title.


Each time a new list item is created, I would like to save a copy of the Excel file in a library on the same site, with the filename in format <Request number> - <title>.xlsx or something similar.


The template and destination library can actually even be the same library if that makes things easier, no big deal.  Eventually this folder will have a bunch of Excel files in it with different filenames.


I was excited about using Document Generation for this, but I'm stuck on Nintex 2013 and do not have access to the Document Generation action.


I've looked into the "Copy item" and "Copy to sharepoint" but that doesn't seem to be what I need, nor does "Query Excel Services".


Any ideas?