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Start Workflow when publishing major version

Question asked by sfalk on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by rickbakker

Hello everybody,


we need a workflow for our four-eyes principal check, when a user publish a new major version. The build in workflow from SharePoint allows user to approve their own versions, which is not suitable. I found a solution where the DefaultApprovalWorkflowId property from the given list is replaced by the nintex worklow id in e.g. PowerShell. Publishing a major version will now start the nintex workflow, but with some site effects. After the workflow started, the list where the workflow is defined, will re-open in an extra popup window (when starteted from the web ui. From e.g. Excel a new browser window will be openend). The workflow has some user inputs. After the user fill in the form and start the workflow the list will be openend in the same popup window, where the start form where rendered. Another issue is, that the user will change to "Systemaccount" and not to the user who started the workflow.


Are there any solutions for my problems, or is it not possible to use Nintex Workflows for this case? Maybe there are other solutions around?  


I also tried to use the flexi Tasks without the content approval Feature, which works great but in the office programs (Excel, PowerPoint) the users are able to publish newmajor version without using the workflow. Maybe someone knows how to prevent/turn off the feature in Office. But only for the given list.


Best regards