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UK date format displayed in SharePoint, interpreted as US date format in Nintex

Question asked by tulip on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by rhia

Hi All,

I am a Newbie to Nintex - this is my first workflow - and my 3rd question on this site regarding it. Apologies


In SharePoint our dates display in UK format i.e. day/month/year.  i.e. 01/10/2014 is first of October 2014.  When we do column calculations in SharePoint using the dates they work correctly.


I have a list which contains a start date and an end date.  I have queried that list and put the values into two date time variables Var_startdate and Var_enddate.  (Var_startdate and Var_enddate both have blank starting values).  I have created a Build a string item using an inline function to difference the two dates, and am getting VERY weird answers.


I have investigated further and found that if I do a fn-FormatDate(WorkflowVariable:Var_startdate},dd/MM/yyyy)  the value returned is 10/01/2014


If I create a variable with either Today's date or a Specified date as  default- those are interpreted correctly.


Is there a setting I need to change somewhere to tell Nintex that I am working with UK date format ?


Thank you.