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Users unable to access form

Question asked by wholland on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by mmatsako

Recently, I've started receiving reports from a small subset of users that they're unable to access a recently released Nintex form. These reports came from four different users, which is a very small sample size of the total number of users in the system. Naturally, it's totally possible that there are more users experiencing the issue who just haven't complained. I do know that there are a number of users who have no issues accessing the form.


When these users attempt to create a new list item or edit an existing one, instead of being redirected to the Nintex Form, they're taken to a HTTP 404 page, shown below.


HTTP 404 Screenshot (redacted)


The first three all belonged to the same SharePoint security group, so I assumed I had just failed to give them permission to access the list. After checking, however, I saw that these three users had 'Contribute' permissions at the site collection level. I've been emailing with one of these users and have confirmed that she can see the list that the form is associated with. It's only when she tries to edit an existing list item or create a new one that she experiences the issue.


The fourth user, who is both the Tenant Admin and the primary Site Collection Administrator, has 'Full Control' on the list and experiences the issue as well.