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Print Button in a task form

Question asked by pete on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by pete

I have been able to add an icon into a flexi task form but as yet am unable to get it to print the actual form. Its worth explaining where it is:



The Printer icon is configured like this:



Which i got from what i thought was a useful blog:

Adding a Print button to your Nintex Forms. | The SharePoint Pub 


However nothing happens when i click on the printer icon. 

It suggests in the blog not being able to print untill entries are made - which is fine as i can get them to re-visit the page this is on via the hyperlink in the approval email. This is what the return to the page looks like:



So i have a print icon both on the ribbon & on the form itself - but neither work. 

Anyone have any idea what i am missing?