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Send Email through variable

Question asked by igor_mendes on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by tposzytek

Hi, I'm having some difficulties with Nintex. I created a list in SharePoint, that contains two fields: Department (which is a simple text) and Name (which is a person or group). What i want to do, is get the e-mail of some people from a certain department. So this is what i did:

1 - I created a Querry List block, so I can get employees of a particular department. I also select only the column "Name" from the list, and since it is a "person or group" I select the property "work email". This, is returned to a collection variable (but there will always be only one result that match my search, so the collection has only one item).

2 - The next step, is a "Get Item from Collection", and this seems to be the problem. The Target Collection field at the "Get Item from Collection"  is defined as my collection, obtained at step 1. Since it has only 1 value, its index has value 0. The "output" is a variable of type person or group. So considering this works, the next step should be really easy.

3 - The last block is a send email block. The target, is the workspace variable returned from step 2. The problem is that I'm never getting the e-mail.


Am I doing something wrong in the process ??


This is my simple workflow:



Thanks for the help !!