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Migration SharePoint 2007  to 2007

Question asked by sowjanyam on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by rhia

Hi Team,


I am new to Nintex Product. One of our customer have heavily used SharePoint 2007 Nintex Tool . Now they are planning to migrate on premise version to SharePoint 2007 Cloud. We are planning to use Database backup restore mechanism for SharePoint Content Databases.

Can you please help in understanding on how to perform below actions:

  • How to identify the configurations made in Nintex?
  • How can I know how many workflows are created, running, stopped?
  • How can I know how complex a workflow can be?
  • How can I migrate those workflows as-is to the target environment?
  • Will the workflow history be retained in the destination?
  • Should I re-create all workflows in destinations environment?
  • Apart from workflow, what else can be configured using Nintex 2007. How to identify


Basically I am looking for a guide on helping me in understanding the existing environment and migrating to different environment but of the same version.