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Nintex form to pdf in workflow that approves - O365

Question asked by sarisime on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by Clavin Fernandes



Please explain to me the form converting to pdf through workflow. I have a client who has tens of forms in one list (previously made with Infopath).  Those forms now need to make into Nintex forms and I'm waiting for "paging" (hopefully Nintex will released this spring) to help little bit of editing forms, but the show-stopper now for the client is the workflow to convert those forms into pdf's. I haven't done this before so I do not know exactly how it is.


This I know that workflow uses Word and the middle to pdf, but what do you need to do to Word?

If I have perfect form that I like to have converted as it is to pdf, what do I need to do with Word?


If you change in form something, let's say add a control --- do need to change in word also something?


Any detailed answers to this is appriciated!