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Why would Request Approval step not redirect to ApproveReject.aspx page?

Question asked by on Feb 17, 2017
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We have migrated from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 and the "Request Approval" step - which works in 2010 - notification email now directs users to the actual Nintex Flexi-Task instead of the ApproveReject.aspx page/view. In addition we have noticed that the Request Approval task email notification no longer says "Click here to approve or reject" or "Click here to complete request". Instead it says, "Click here to add comments".

The "Assign Flex-Task" step seems to work just fine, however.

Looking at the html for the email notifications all instances refer to reflink="{Common:ApprovalUrl}" for the here link. Additionally, this does not seem to occur on other site collection migrated workflows.


@Chand Karuturi and @Shakti Mishra had the same question but I do not see any response to them. Please help.