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Preselect a value in a multi value List Lookup Control

Question asked by janasmuth on Feb 19, 2017
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Does anyone have experience or an idea how I can preselect a value in a multi value List Lookup Control? 


Here is what I was doing without using Nintex forms:

  • I have two lists one called organisations (parent) and another one called meetings (child).
  • Each meeting has a multiple value List Lookup Control where you can select the organisations.
  • The display form of an organisation is showing up every meeting that is related to the particular organisation. 
  • If you click on "New Item" in the display form of an organisation the new item form for a meeting opens up and is preselecting the organisation which is delivered via query string and set by JavaScript.


Because of further requirements I will need to switch to Nintex Forms but I'm currently not able to select the organisation in the multi value List Lookup Control. I can read the organisation ID in Nintex Forms also from the query string but I'm not able to set the value at all. 


I trying already similar things that are mentioned in this thread without any luck: Default selection for multi value List Lookup Control 


This is what I would like to have when I create a new meeting for the "Ministry for...":

This is what I would like to see when I create a new meeting for that organisation: