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Dynamic userform which clears the previous selections

Question asked by gubarrani on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by emha

Hello all,

I have some problems about using Nintex forms, here is my question:

In the attached picture1, there is a dropdown list named "List" with selection choices "Ok", "Nok", "Assessment Required". When the condition is "Ok" or "Nok" i have disable the Assessment Type selection list and everything is fine. But when the user selects "Assessment Required" in the list Assessment Type list actives and the user can select "TEST" or "CAE" options. The problem is arising here, if the user selects "TEST" or "CAE" option in the below list then changes his mind and selects another option in the above list such as "Ok" or "Nok" then the below selection will still stand there as a selection. I want to clear the Assessment Type selection when the user chooses "Ok" or "Nok" in the above list.

Is there a java script or smart approach to do this?


Thanks in advance...