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Hide "End this workflow" and "Workflow Tasks" for Initiator

Question asked by on Feb 15, 2017
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One of business requirements is to grant Initiator Read permission only, while approval chain is in progress. Everything seems fine so far until I just found that Initiator has an access to "Workflow Tasks" and also "End this workflow", when I expected Read permission would have prevented it.

1. Workflow Tasks: Initiator can click on the link "1st approver's task" above and can actually Approve / Deny it (not good!). I understand that the task list exists outside my current list, so I wanted to change Initiator's Permission on this task list, but I cannot figure out filling in "list name".


I could control on Task Form to disable inputs from Initiator, but I'm looking to disable it with Item Permission.


2. "End this workflow": Initiator CAN end this workflow (again not good!) Can I hide this link?


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