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Using People (ActiveDirectory) Field and then use userProfileLookup

Question asked by mickmiller on Sep 10, 2014
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I use in nintext forms a people field. The user fill in an Alias an choose the right user. After that he press a button (JavaScript).

In settings on the form ist


  var mytxtName = NWF$("#"+ txtPeople);      // people field

  var myAlias = mytxtName.val();                     // read content of people field, result: Domain\alias;


  selectedUserAlias = myAlias.slice(7, myAlias.indexOf(';'));               // slice string, result: alias




// Here I search the correct code for a userprofilelookup of the alias I readout before

// I want some Information of this alias, example Personalnumber, department, ...


  var aliasPNr=NWF$('#' + PNr);




thanks for your support