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One field not updating from a Nintex Approval Form

Question asked by pete on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Enrico Knapp

Good morning

I have an existing form, generated & designed by someone else, that requires an approval section. I have been able to create an approval form via edit task form / Nintex form:



the section at the bottom is really the purpose of the approval form. This can be updated by the approver to add in a lot of extra data. ALL except the "Value of Loss" part are working fine. IE when an entry is made on the approval form they update the main form with these details.

For some unfathomable reason the "Value of loss" part doesn't work - it doesn't transfer the value entered onto the approval form into the main form.

I have searched & check everything that i can think of but cannot come up with a reason why this one part won't transfer the data

Anyone able to help me debug this?