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Filtered Multi Select Lookups

Question asked by greenawayr Champion on Feb 14, 2017
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I've got a requirement where our staff need to be able to collect the marketing interests of our customers when they open a new account with us.


The "Interests" are kept in a separate list with 2 columns, Interests (Title) and Category. The user should be able to select the "category" from a choice control and then the Interests are filtered accordingly. This works fine when using two multi select (bow tie) controls however, the users would like to be able to select the category using a dropdown box instead.


This works fine for the first selection where they can select Category 1 and then a couple of interests from the cascaded multi select, however, if they want to then choose a different Category to choose more interests, this loses the values selected in the Interests multi select control. I understand why this happens (although it's a little annoying that InfoPath retains the selections successfully) so I was wondering if anyone had a solution here rather than me telling the users they'll have to use multi select controls.