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Allow delegation in Nintex Forms only to the assinged user

Question asked by wroth on Feb 13, 2017
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i have the following problem. Right now it is possible for every user(even users that are not assinged to the task) to go into a pending task and delegate this task to whatever user he likes. How can i configure the form that only the assinged users can delegate the task?


My idea was to hide the delegation link with a rule when a user that is not assinged to the task opens the task.

And here is the problem: I get the current logged in user. this user is returned with domain and login name. Now i want to compare the logged in user with the user that is assinged to the task. The only propertie i can get for the assigned user is the "displayname of the approver". The "current user" and the "displayname of the approver" are returned in a diffrent format that can not be compared.


Does someone know how i can solve this issue?