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Name of workflow & status in the list page?

Question asked by pete on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by janvonreith

Good morning

I am updating an older form that has been in use for quite a while & has lots of historical data & the form looks to have gone thru a couple of revisions over the last couple of years.


The workflow i have (which i am revising) is called "Material spillage form"


A previous author has managed to add a column into the list page that is titled "Material spillage form" and shows "completed" underneath


How is this done & how do i show that the job is completed? 


The previous workflow was simply to send an email so it is not clear how i can demonstrate that a workflow is completed in the list page.


Is there a way of "forcing" a workflow completion even if it appears not to have been completed - thus forcing the list to show that the job has been completed?




Hope there is enough info here!?