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Suppress Submit control based on time of day

Question asked by telemed on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by telemed

I have a Nintex form which I would like to have only be available from the hours of 7p to 7am.  I have tried several  validation conditions of the Submit button and I can get it to work if I say within the same single digit hour range.


For example if I put Current Time is >=7:00 pm && Current Time <=9:59 PM it will work, but if I change it to a range between say 7pm and 10:00pm it will not.


(Current Time >'7:00 AM' && Current Time <'7:00 PM') will not work

Even tried to other things like this.

((Current Time>='07:00 AM' && Current Time <'12:00 PM') || (Current Time>='12:00 PM' && Current Time <'7:00 PM'))

But I cannot get it to work.


This does work

(Current Time >'10:00 AM' && Current Time <'10:59 AM')


Any ideas or a different way to approach this?