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Calculated field with runtime Lookup function from another site

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by fmorales

Is there a way to lookup a calculated field from another site within the same site collection?

I'm putting in a calculated field on my Nintex2010 form, with a lookup runtime function to display department codes from the parent site.

I've used it before with lookups from the same site, but I can't get it work from another site.


Here is a formula: (I know this one will work if the lookup lists are under the same site where the workflow is being implemented)

lookup("Department-Code Lookup", "ID", Hospitals, "Code")

I also tried this and didn't work:

lookup("/Departments/Finance/Department-Code Lookup", "ID", Hospitals, "Code")


the site hierarchy is: Intranet-> departments-> Finance -> my lookup lists are here


any hints or help is greatly appreciated:)