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How to extract current year & month and update multiple list items in Nintex Workflow

Question asked by sandy_s on Feb 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by sandy_s

Hi all,

I am working on in enhancing a workflow that was used by a previous partner for Office 365.

  1. The business requirements need a string that has year and month parts with a running number by previous partner as shown below: 

    I thought partner used a workflow variable for “current_year_month” but there was NO workflow variable declared within the workflow. Moreover I tried make a build string and try to use fn-formatdate() but In office 365 there is no fn-formatdate() function as yet.

    I need to extract current year and month that I can use for my workflow.
    How it can be achieved?

  2.  The old workflow had to be updated for Stage and Status fields for a specific list as follows:

    However, I am using the exactly same list in but I don’t know how Stage and Status fields be updated in my newly created workflow: 

    Q: How to update multiple fields for specific list?

    Thanks in advance!