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Revert back to old Workflow Inventory page?

Question asked by nhurst1369 on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by rhia

Is there anyway for us to revert back to the old Workflow Inventory page?  We've had quite a few complaints ever since the workflow inventory page was changed when we did our last update.  


The new workflow inventory screen is missing the create a workflow option.  I know there is a separate dropdown option to Create a workflow.  But we used to train all our users to always select the to the Manage workflows option, as that way they could see all the workflows already on the App before they decided to create a new one.  Now that option is no longer available though:

And the option to go directly into the edit interface of the workflow has been removed.  Now you have to click on the workflow name, then click on Edit workflow option.  This just seems to be an unnecessary step for people who simply want to edit the workflow.  



Anyway we were just wondering if there was anyway we could revert back to the old Workflow Inventory page as it seemed to work better for our organization.  Thanks.