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Show previous assignee on Task view

Question asked by vacoder on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by vacoder

Wondering if anyone has solved this problem and would share some ideas on this.

We have task delegation, both short term and long term. If a task is delegated the only place to ask was delegated from is to look in the workflow history. Getting to that information requires a good amount of clicking and so isn't very User Friendly. At least that what our users are saying. And I kind of agree. The ability to see who assigned a task to me is useful when questions come up or if I want to re-delegate it to that person.


I was thinking a calculated column that would bring up the workflow history list when clicked but that's a lot of info to bring up and the parameters for creating the content of that column would likely be a server side effort since not all of that query string is available when viewing the task.