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How to start a workflow from a list item or email url ?

Question asked by jaapsteenis on Feb 11, 2017
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I am using the following steps to generate a dynamic url in order to let a business user open a workflow page to run  a chase workflow.


step 0: create workflow var (Chase URL) of the type URL/link

step 1: stringbuilder action with example link below:


step 2: Email action with the url set to the above defined var ChaseURL


(The chase workflow can be started by the user to send a chase email to a centre)

The result is an email which can be opened but the Workflowpage does not show any workflow to run.

The workflow is saved with the Settings can run manually.


Can someone explain why I don't see any workflow to run ?

Is this the proper way of letting a business user start a workflow on a list item ?