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Run If - basic parameters

Question asked by pete on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by jackgelo

I have a workflow where i am trying to set up a triple level authorisation. This is the workflow at present: Most of the following questions are for the right hand branch


Level one - is the job request outside office hours? For this i have set up a yes/no on my form/list. I have also put a "set a condition" action on my workflow asking this question.


Second level. If the answer is NO then is the job £2500 or more? I have set a Run If Box for this:


Third level. If the answer is yes then is the job £8000 or more? I have set a Run If box for this:


I have columns in my list that have the values of £2500 & £8000 by default, the idea being that i can change the default value "on the fly" without having to worry about any other areas.


The problem i have is that the managers - the right hand side of the workflow - are getting email notifications regardless of the fact that it might not require authorisation (IE is it inside office hours & Under £2500 OR it is outside office hours but LESS THAN £8000)

I am not entirely sure what the resolution is to this. I am certain it is a simple thing but cannot fathom how to fix it.


I should mention that the left branch are required to authorise every document.


It is only those that are either inside office hours but over £2500 or outside office hours Over £8000 that require the extra managers authorisation in order to proceed to the next step.


Can anyone spot what i am missing or doing wrong?