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Set Field value to approver

Question asked by pete on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by paul.crawford

Good Morning. 


I am very much a workflow novice & am working on my first one - so bear with me if i seem to be a bit behind the curve!


I have a workflow with several "set field value" boxes. At present i have these set to my own email address (while building n testing) but what i want to do is to set this to the person that has approved the document.

(This individual MAY be part of a group of email address - not sure yet)


Not totally sure how to do this - so any tips?



I also want to automatically update another part of my form/list with the date (& possibly time) when the approver actually approved the document. This is so that i can analyse the gap between the start date & approval dates for the various stages in my document & workflow. I have hunted hi & low for a solution for this but cannot find anything - again - any tips?


Finally my approvers are getting 2 emails. First one is a notification & the second is a response required task email with the hyperlink to the approval page. Is it possible to combine these two into one email?


I am certain the solutions are easy for those in the know but these little precious nuggets of info are hard to come by!


Any tips & pointers would be gratefully received!