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Show/hide Nintex form controls within a panel.

Question asked by sandy_s on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by sandy_s

Hi all,


I have a requirement where if a specific checkboxes from the Nintex From show “Others” then I need to show an additional text field to the staff to supply others for that checkboxes category.  

I have applied a rule on label Others and the text box to hide when user DOES NOT select another option expect and rules works well as shown.

The panel has around round 30 unbound controls.

However, when user unchecks “Others” or user selects the any other option except, the form shows white space as shown .

We know Nintex practice is use show hide for panels. But, is it possible to show hide for specific control(s) within a panel?

Please let me know and what can be done not to display the white space?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Rhia Wieclawek ..any help on this?