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How to concatenate string/variables?

Question asked by ajhstn on Sep 9, 2014
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I have a pulled out data from a repeating section using xml query.  Inside the loop query xml creates variables for Item, Cost, Qty, Total.  Obviously in the second iteration of the loop, the variables are overwriting with new values..  So I created a dictionary variable outside the loop, then inside the loop again I stored the variables into the dictionary variable. This still doesn't work, I still only get the last items from the loop stored in the variable.


1.  How can I 'concatenate' this data to a single variable, and more importantly, how can I format it also so that I can use it in an email?


Please note: I am using workflow for office365 with workgroup licence, so please be aware that not all the actions/features that are available on-prem are available to me in O365, so please try answer accordingly.