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Refreshing Pause Until Value if underlying field has changed

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by mmatsako

I have a WF that pauses until the due date field and then sends out an email and updates the task status.  Works great....except if a user decides to change the due date which is permissible.  My issue is that even though the Pause Until is linked to a Look Up field called the Due Date the Pause Until value does not change with the new due date value until a subsequent modification is done in the list to another field.


My assumption is that the Pause Until does not change immediately since the new due date value has not been committed to the list yet.  When a subsequent change is made on another field the due date field has the new value available and thus the Pause Until event reflects the new date done 2 modifications ago.


Obviously I can not depend on a subsequent modification to update my Pause Until event.  Any suggestions ?  Note the WF is set to run when a Modification is done...thx