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Hide controls in Nintex form based on the value of a dropdown?

Question asked by calmaguer on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by calmaguer

I have a Nintex form that was created by converting a standard Sharepoint list input form into a Nintex form.


One of the controls is a dropdown with many selections including one that says BRM.


If a user selects that value in the input form, I would like to hide some of the other controls, including the one immediately below it.


I've made a rule on the control I want to hide.  If the named control Requesting BSA equals 'BRM', it should resolve to true and hide the control I'm setting the rule on.


Here are some screenshots.


Nintex form screenshot

And as you can see in the preview, it's not functioning like I thought it would - the control for "Are you the BCA/BCL..." should not be showing if the dropdown value is BRM.


Nintex form preview screenshot


Where am I going wrong?  I'm sure it's in the condition somewhere.  Thanks for any assistance.