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How to send an email to an individual after querying a list and for each loop

Question asked by wilkies0106aw on Feb 8, 2017
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Slowly but surely learning Nintex forms and Nitex workflow.

I have a site workflow. The workflow is going to have to be scheduled.

It's first action is to query a list and collect various other fields:


I have a For Each loop


With 2 collection operations:


The end of my workflow has a send notification action.


The send notification sends an email to a named individual, yet how or where do I add another query list (?) or another action to specify that within the email I only want to show items which the named individual is named in the To field and

not all list items which was originally queried.


The named individual isn't necessarily known until the list has been queried, so I can't filter on the first list query.