SQL Request Action and Calulation Field Bug \ Work around

Discussion created by stonehage on Feb 8, 2017
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I have a form using the SQL Request action control. It brings back 3 values and then a calculation field adds them together.


This has been working fine since inception. Last night I upgraded to the latest version of Nintex Forms ( and the calculation stopped working.


I noticed that the section below it, was working though. Public Holidays and Working days ( SQL Requests ) were being calculated correctly ( Adjusted Days ). I compared the SQL Request controls and finally noticed a difference. Under Advanced, the control mode was set to "display" on the broken section and "auto" on the working.


Setting control mode to "auto" on the affected fields got the calculation working again.



I am left with one issue. While the above works ok in Edit mode which is fine, should I open the form up in display mode I get the following error or it just displays a 0 in the calculation fields.



The calculated fields are set to update in view mode.


If I change the SQL Request controls under advanced to "edit", the calculation works again in display mode.


So it seems it's all down to this advanced section and the control mode.


"Auto" works when editing and new.

"Edit" works in all.

"Display" doesn't work in anything.


So in a nutshell....


Using a calculated field and SQL Request...Set your SQL Request to "Edit" and If it needs to be locked, set the type to label.