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Show additional fields on default task form

Question asked by philipplucas on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by philipplucas

Hi Guys,


for a customer using Nintex Workflow 2010 I would like to show an additional field on the default task form for a flexi task.


What I've done so far:


  1. Created a new site column of type number. Let's call it "NumberOfDays"
  2. Created a new content type inheriting from Nintex Workflow Multi Outcome Task
  3. Added my new site column to this content type
  4. Made sure the content type is available in the Workflow Tasks list
  5. Changed my flexi task to use the new content type


Now I would like to show my new "NumberOfDays" field on the task form, to collect additional information while a person approves/rejects.




  • No Nintex Forms
  • No InfoPath
  • No VisualStudio


As a workaround I could:


  • Let the users enter the information dircetly in the comments box - Bad, because I'd need some regex afterwards and a lot of trust in the users always providing the correct format
  • Use an additional "Request Data" action to get the number of days via an additional task - Bad, because another task form needs to be opened and filled out


Does anyone have an idea how to customize that default task form to show an additional field without manipulating aspx-files directly in SharePoint-Designer?


Thanks in advance!