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Case number or CRM number lookup

Question asked by sdamrath on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by sdamrath

Over the last couple of years Nintex has changed how they identify a Ticket that is reported by us, the end users.  I have CRM / CAS numbers and more recently I have Reference ID only, and I have Reference ID / Case Number / Title / Date ticket received.


As I try to keep track of my ticket numbers I have too many varieties of these.  Do you offer a way for me to look up a ticket by any of the following pieces of data to get the other pieces of data, that way I can obtain a status an a resolution?


CRM:xxxxxxxx     where 'x' is a number

CAS xxxxx-xxxx     where 'x' is a number or letter

Case xxxxxxxx     where 'x' is a number

ref:_xxxxxxxxxx._xxxxxxxxxx:ref     where 'x' is a number or letter

Subject of my email sent to support

Date of case creation (many times same day as day email was sent)


If this were readily available to me it would be very helpful.  This information to me is invaluable as it would help me keep information organized.