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Show/Hide Rule from Multiple Columns

Question asked by sgoode927 on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by sgoode927

Does anyone have any rules logic that for show/hiding a field based on two different columns?  The scenario I am trying to accomplish is in my form I have a field called Category.  If the user selects "Capital" from that dropdown it will display another field in the form called "Capital Type" using the rule Category !="Capital" which works.  


However, I also have a requirement that on another column named "SubCategory" that includes 3 choices and if one of those are selected then I'll need to display the "Capital Type" field as well. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for logic to have the "Capital Type" field displayed based on rules from two columns?  If I append my current formula rule to include checking against the second column the rule stops working. 


Does NOT work Category != "Capital" || SubCategory !="Capital IT Project"