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Wrong content type form(fields) is displayed in request approval action for list item properties,

Question asked by kesava on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by kapilkjoshi

I have a list with 2 content types A &B. For this list I have a Nintex workflow that has a request approval action. I edited the request approval action task form with Nintex forms.


So now there are two problems that I am facing


1. So when a user submits a item of  content type B, then when the approver goes to the form to approve, under list item properties section, he is seeing the Content type A fields and not B. But if I don't use the Nintex form to edit the task form and leave default, then approver is able to see correct fields.


2. To overcome this problem, I thought of adding content type B fields on to the task form and use rules to show/hide them depending on the content type. But to my surprise content type B fields are not available under List columns while designing the form.


So not sure how to overcome this problem.


Any help will be appreciated.