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Allow user to input data in Nintex Form Display mode

Question asked by nchamid on Feb 7, 2017
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I have a requirement, user should be able to interact with submitted form. This is how my form works, user opens a new form, fills it and submit it. Later user will be redirected to a SharePoint page, where can they see the 'List View' with few important fields, a workflow is attached to this in the backend.


Business wants a hyperlink field next to each item on SP page, on clicking it, takes the user to their submitted form, all fields should be greyed out, only one field should be editable to collect input from users.


Eg: Extra Hours : "User fills", once form is submitted after entering this, 'List Column : Extra Hours' need to updated with this.


This is what I tried so far, Created a panel and added a " Label - Extra hours, Control - Single line of text " to it, attached a rule to the panel, so that it will visible only in 'Display Mode'.


But the output shows the panel, without 'Text control', like this,




I am hoping, this is because of 'Display Mode' behavior. Is there a way, to overcome this ?


I can follow same process in 'Edit Mode', but in this mode few dropdowns which are populated using code are getting reset, making user to select again. Is there a way, to avoid this reset behavior of custom dropdowns and making all fields grey out, leaving one field for user to input data ?


If this is complicated in both scenarios, can I create a separate form which can accessed only to input 'Extra Hours', but user should be able to view his previous form with all fields, this is similar to custom task form in workflow.


Can someone please help ?