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Two Question on Site Workflows: Url and Landing Place

Question asked by sonisick on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by sonisick

Someone let me in on a trick to start workflows without the "Start Screen" by making setting Form Type "Custom" and deleting the Start Page line. It works fine when you click on the workflow by clicking on "Site Workflows" from "Site Contents" and then clicking on the workflow you want to start.


My problem is how to I get the Workflow URL for a javascript button or SharePoint Quick Launch. The way I got the URL for the "uncustomized" form was to click the workflow and copy the URL. Then I had to actually click the "Start" button to get the workflow to execute.


When you use the "Custom" form, there is no longer a URL to go to. I would like to add this action of not having to click "Start Workflow" to a button.


The other thing I'm trying to configure for my users is the Workflow Landing Place---the place the workflow dumps you out when it has had its way with you.  The place seems to be back on the "Start a New Workflow" page and this is confusing for my users because there is no recognizable navigation on the page. I know how to route around but they just get lost.