2010 Workflow to read rows from Excel and insert into list never terminates

Discussion created by abhi89568 on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by michuk

There is a workflow which reads rows from Excel, process data and insert items into a SharePoint list. The workflow runs as expected for lesser number of rows in excel(works well for 10,16,108, 112 rows). But, when the number of rows increases (we tested it for 250), the workflow never terminates its instance. It goes till the last action in the workflow and repeats itself again from the first action.


There are loops in the workflow to read cells in excel and convert them to SOAP XMLs. All the excel data is processed and is inserted into SharePoint list using a single web service (lists.asmx) call. The workflow comes out of all the loops and executes the actions outside the loops, like creating items in the list, sending notifications, but it never terminates and unfortunately re-execute the actions like reading Excel, creating SOAPs and adding items into SharePoint list.