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changing the status field client side

Question asked by rinu on Feb 5, 2017
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Hi Guys,

I need to change the status of a field upon submitting form based on multiple choice filed.

when an employee submits the form , the status should be "Manager", and when the Line manager approves the status should change to   "Department Head" and so on.


I know there are no action rule in Nintex and we have to make use of either calculated fields, JavaScript or "Set field in current item" of work flow.


1)I tried calculated field may not be the right way to go for the above scenario ( correct me if I am wrong).

2)I am currently making use of "Set field in current item" which gives me allsorts of problems I am using "Wait for Event in List Item" and the event fires when the item is set . I created some conditions to make it work.

3)JavaScript (which I am not very good at) seems to be the best option from reading through the post.

I have set client id for javascript for ClientLineManagerApproval,ClientDepartmentHead,ClientHR,ClientPayroll from the setting "Client ID JavaScript variable name"

now upon submit I need to create a condition.

how do I do that? can you provide some sample code?