Multiple List Items in List A to Single List Item in List B

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I am new to Nintex and still trying to figure things out...


I have two lists, 'List A' and 'List B'.


In List A, Users submit their weekly report:

-Office (Single Line of Text)

-Week ending date (Date Field)

-Report (Multiple lines of Text - Rich Text Field)


List B is intended to have 1 list item that compiles all of the items for the current week from List A into 1 list item.


There are about ten reports a week that are submitted to List A. All of the reports have the same 'Week Ending Date' that is the Friday of that week.


When an item is created in List A, the intent is to have a workflow start that will:

-Check List B to see if a compiled report has been started for the current week

--If there is no report, then create a new item

--If there is a report, then check to see if anything has been submitted for that office

---If something has not been submitted then submit in first field for that office

---If something has been submitted then submit in the second (or third) field for that office


Thank you for your time. Your advice is appreciated.


What is the best course of action?