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set a condition for dummies!

Question asked by pete on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by pete

Good afternoon. 

I am a total Nintex Workflow Novice & have had the most basic training you could imagine.

What i have is a form, created from a list where i need to make a workflow decision based on a couple of criteria.

Firstly i need to have "manager" requested for authorisation when two conditions are met.

A)  If the request is outside of office hours (08:30 - 16:30) but ONLY if the request is ABOVE £8000

B) If the request is INSIDE office hours (08:30 - 16:30) but ONLY if the request is ABOVE £2500

Therefore if the request is INSIDE Office hours & is BELOW £2500 then no manager authorisation is required & the workflow should move on to the next step.

I have a column in my list that established the date & time that the form is/was started

I have another column that records the value of the request

Also, i have the basic workflow set up for the parallel actions but it is not totally clear where a condition should be put


I gather that i need to set a condition but i cannot seem to adapt this to within a time range or outside a time range.

To further complicate matters if the request is made at a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) then this is also regarded as outside office hours (dunno if this makes any difference?)

Some gentle guidance would be warmly welcome. Please bear in mind this is day one for me so i might not get you if you talk too geeky!!!

Thanks in advance - Pete